We need your help to cure people of hepatitis C and improve their quality of life

Hep C affects the liver and if left untreated can cause serious liver disease and liver cancer.

Because hep C can have little or no symptoms for a long time many people do not know that they have the virus.

In Australia is it estimated that over 182,000 people are living with hep C. That’s almost enough people to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground (seating and standing) twice over.



A simple blood test
can tell if you have hep C



New, safe and very effective
treatment can cure hep C



Live and enjoy life free
from the worry of hep C


Help us to help people to live a life free from the worry of hep C.

how can i help improve the health of people living with hep c?

   · If you know someone who may be have been exposed to hepatitis C encourage them speak to their doctor about a

   · If you know someone who has hep C encourage them to speak to their doctor about a cure.

   · Start a conversation about hep C, let people knows that it can be cured.

   · Download a poster (see below) and display it in your work place.

   · Spread the message that hep C can be cured.

where can i learn more about hep c?

   · Read the hep C factsheets on this website

   · Visit Hepatitis Australia website

   · Phone the national hepatitis infoline
     1800 437 222